Intel Supports European Sustainability at Enterprise 2020 Summit

CSR Europe, the leading European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility, today hosted the first Enterprise 2020 Summit in Brussels alongside 250 high-level business and policy representatives including Intel, national governments, European institutions, non-governmental organisations.

The Summit highlights how CSR can help strengthening Europe’s competitiveness through joining forces on tackling sustainability challenges.

Addressing the urgency of Europe’s societal challenges, Bernadette Andrietti, Intel Director European Union Region stressed the importance of skill development at all ages, from pupils and students to lifelong learning. “The times when you keep your job for 20 years or so are over”. Programs such as Intel Teach help unemployed people finding a way back into the job market. Collaboration is key to success, “Only when all three sectors – the Governments, the NGO’s and private companies – collaborate in new forms, we will see true progress in Europe”, Mrs. Andrietti added. A theme resonated by José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission who said, “Our economy should be founded on social inclusion, which is why the commission fully supports the Enterprise 2020 initiative.”

At the Summit, CSR Europe launched a new workprogramme (2013-2015), designed to integrate sustainable living in cities with skills for jobs. “The new CSR Europe work-program reflects our focus of solving the most burning issues in Europe today, unemployment and energy transformation”, said Dr. Thomas Osburg, Director Europe for Corporate Affairs at Intel.

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