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Intel Press Release:

Open Data Center Alliance Press Release:


All presentations shown at the event are now posted. Please find them by scrolling to the end of this document. They reside in the “Attachments” section.


will become available at about noon of October 27 here:

Photo Preview / Thumbnails (original sizes available at the above link)

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Intel Cloud 2015 Vision:

Intel Cloud Builders:

Worldwide/US Press Kit:

Additional information about CERN and the CERN openlab:

Evaluation of the Intel Westmere-EP server processor using the CERN openlab framework (April 2010)

Evaluation of the Intel Nehalem-EX server processor using the CERN openlab framework (May 2010)

–          CERN openlab annual report (May 2009 – May 2010)

–          CERN brochure

–          CERN general information sheet

–          LHC brochure

–          The Grid brochure

–          The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) brochure

–          ALICE (detector) brochure

–          ATLAS (detector) brochure

–          CMS (detector) brochure

–          LHCb (detector) brochure

–          LHC The Guide